VigRX Plus Pills – More Than Just A Penis Enlarger

vigrx-orderThe Vigrx Plus Pills are no longer the hype that most men associated it with. So far, several penis enlargement pills have been coming up over the years. But most of them have faded away because they couldn’t offer what they promised.

With a slew of options to choose from – both online and offline – the Vigrx Plus has managed to step up its benefits and make itself stand out. As a matter of fact, nothing shows positive results than this penis enlarger.

Natural Ingredients

Therefore, if you are tired of searching everywhere for the best penis enlarger, then look no further. The Vigrx Plus is now the leader in the world of penis enhancement and libido boost. Yes, this herbal, natural product not only makes your dick larger, but also increases your libido.

Some of the natural Vigrx Plus ingredients that ensure your libido is amplified to a whole new level include: Saw Palmeto, Ginko bilboa, Asian red ginseng, and Goat’s weed. More about the ingredients can be found here.

Free Refundable Trial

If you feel like you are not satisfying your sex partner, then you have no alternative but to give it a try. After all, it comes with a free trial. The free trial allows you to test the product, and if you don’t like it, then you can simply return it, and your money will be refunded.

This refund’ gesture is advantageous since you have nothing to lose in case nothing positive happens. However, most people who have tried the product have been fully satisfied.

Cures Infections

Even the women have positive and great things to say about the Vigrx Pills. For example, women whose partners suffered from ED (erectile dysfunctions) have confessed to an improved bed performance.

This penis enlarger improves sensation in men, raises blood flow, stimulates organs, and balances hormones. To make it even better, the Vigrx Pill also cures UTI (Urinary Tract Infections).

With the free trial, Vigrx Plus Pills are worth giving a try, and further paying for it.

Real Battle: Penomet Vs Bathmate

When it comes to battles, I am never a good referee. However, because this has got me, I will try to be a fair one. So here then comes the battle; Penomet vs Bathmate, tickets available at your next purchase and we will see who win the battle!

Did you hear that, the battle bell has rung and my being a referee starts here! Yes, in Penomet vs Bathmate, we have to start by knowing what capacity each has and these are their punching blows. Where one has strong quality than the other, points are added in the fight between Penomet vs Bathmate.

To start with, both of them are the commonly are widely used penis enlargement and they are very popular and thus the reason for the battle of Penomet vs Bathmate. Let’s have a review of Penomet: it has air pump, water chambers, rubber holding, elastic spring and vacuum sections. Then let us proceed to Bathmate: it has a pump like Penomet, allow users to have more sizes but it has no water chambers, vaccum section and many features like Penomet. Does that mean in the battle of Penomet vs Bathmate, penemet wins? No, it is still too early to speculate here.


Penomet Vs Bathmate: The Verdict

With Penomet, users get visible increase within fifteen minutes, fast increase in penis size, can effortlessly include other exercise for rapid growth, efficiency has been acknowledged by scientists in India and it gives stronger erections. On the other hand, Bathmate also give rapid growth in penis size but not as faster as Penomet, all accessories are easily available, it enhances penise erection and gives one sexual stamina. So, does that mean in the battle of Penomet vs Bathmate, Penomet wins?

However, there have been some reported disadvantages with Bathmate, which might determine the fate of the battle of Penomet vs Bathmate. One is that when one uses Bathmate, maintenance is required, cleaning is a must after use and the product has rigid costs unlike Penomet. With Penomet, there are three categories with different prices where one can choose depending on the size of the pocket. This has been stressed by many customer reviews and thus why they put Penomet to be way head of Bathmate. Hence in the verdict of Penomet vs Bathmate, Penomet appears to have more strong cases to weight agains Bathmate!

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Oh! I can see a strong supporter of Bathmate disappointed by that verdict of my being the referee.  Well, always in a battle, there must be a winner and don’t forget those who loose also have supporters. But their loosing does not mean that they are weak, it simply shows that some things works more effective than others and have offers that attract. Thus in the battle of Penomet vs Bathmate, looks like Penomet has done just that. They have a variety of cost that people who have less money will not opt to buy Bathmate but choose the cheap alternative of Penomet. Thus, this is the most point why in the battle of Penomet vs Bathmate, Penomet scores!


Proven Way to Increase Your Penis Size

The size of the penis is of critical importance in any relationship as it directly affects the confidence and self-esteem of a man. Men with small penis sizes have had their relationships breakdown as women walk out due to lack of sexual satisfaction.

With the introduction of the SizeGenetic, men no longer have to worry about the length of their manhood. SizeGenetic is a revolutionary new way for men to extend their penis size by up to 1.8 inches in four months. The devise works on a proven principle of traction, which stretches the penis over time to achieve a permanent and longer size.


The SizeGenetic device is tried, tested and proven to work. It has been medically and clinically tested by several medical professionals who have certified and endorsed it. Surgeons have also described this penis extender as the best non-surgical way to extend your penis. The European Union Health Authority, which is considered to be very strict, approved the SizeGenetic penis extender. To prove that the device actually work, SizeGenetic comes with a six month money back guarantee.

Why you should pick a penis extender?

One of the best reason why men love this device is because it provides maximum comfort. SizeGenetic is made with high quality materials to enhance comfort. This extender has a 58 way comfort strap which means that you can wear it in 16 different ways. It can also be worn for longer periods when compared to other extenders which are uncomfortable and result in penis soreness. Furthermore, the device comes with spare parts to replace any damaged or worn out part.

Here are a personal penis extender user case.

Using this extender is very easy and any one with difficulty using it can watch the free instructional DVD which comes with every purchase. Being a company that has been around for nineteen years, SizeGenetic is reliable and reputable. Men who have used the product have given the device 100% positive reviews.

If you are serious about extending your penis and enhancing your sex life, you should order the SizeGenetic penis extender and not go for pretender extenders which will waste your money and make you uncomfortable.

Even though getting the best penis extender in the market is not cheap as a single device cost $199.95, you can get bonuses and discounts which will help lower the cost.

Penis extender

A lot of males are usually frightened related to utilizing member extenders because of security difficulties plus they are truly ready. Actually consequently, an issue along with extenders originates from incorrect understanding upon they perform as well as concentrating on that they execute as well as just how secure they’re, would be the very first actions to be able to obtaining eliminated these types of concerns.

Exactly how Carry out Manhood Extenders Execute?

Manhood extenders bring about penile enhancement utilizing a extending program. This particular penile enhancement system, additionally named manhood extender, entails utilizing a extender gadget as well as extender to be able to apply continuous as well as regular traction force concerning the manhood, resulting in manhood improvement (lengthening in addition to extending in the penis). Nonetheless, to complete the necessary manhood improvement, the actual stretcher needs to be put on for just about any specific time period since the width as well as duration raises according to the period of time it is placed on.

Exactly how safe tend to be Member Extenders

Manhood extenders will always be employed with regard to penile enhancement with regard to a lot more than 15 several years. Aside via getting non-invasive, these people take advantage of organic in addition to clinically confirmed methods for traction force and possess already been certified secure via urologist internationally. Nevertheless irritated about how precisely safe the system tend to be? Think about the following factors:

. Scientifically Confirmed Techniques: The actual Globally Diary related to Erectile dysfunction Analysis (IJIR) carried out investigation within 2002 towards the usefulness in addition to security related to manhood extenders because methods for manhood improvement. The study, an excellent outcomes, exposed that manhood extenders effectively trigger penile enhancement within romantic relationship using the time-frame these people are usually put on. There isn’t any declaration associated with any type of topic dealing with any kind of event along with member extenders.

. Cellular/Microscopic Outcomes: A lot of guys are usually frightened related to “tearing” their very own penises nevertheless this particular concern is really unproven. Manhood extenders create their own outcomes upon penile enhancement through working inside the mobile level. Within extra phrases, the actual member tissue (not the particular penis) are usually split nevertheless this particular tearing may just be viewed utilizing the help of the microscope in addition to leads to simply no discomfort.

The Perfect Penis – How What She Says is Different from What He Says.

When you mention the “perfect penis”, what thought comes up first? That’s right, the size of a penis came to mind. Despite comments from what men and women say aloud, it is different when behind closed doors or asked privately. Size DOES seem to make a difference and matter. Many men find this a bit depressing if they are aware of what the standard is or some men know size matters but are unknowing of the fact that women know what that “perfect penis” size is.

Although penises of any size can still perform their main function of reproducing and are able to do it effectively, even the average size in a penis may not be enough according to women. The average size of a man’s penis is set at approximately six inches according to studies conducted on the subject. While the average size should be perfection, it still is not. Women find that above six inches is necessary for the best sexual performance and reactions. Women of all age groups made the remark that penises six inches or under were not enough for adequate pleasure purposes. This leaves out the majority of males as being able to provide the best sexual pleasure to their partners. Below average sizes are not enough and the average sized men are not either, so this leaves only the above-average men the ability to give women what they want and need.

Large-scale surveys and much research has been done on what the perfect or most popular size of a penis meets the standards of many types and ages of women. As a result of this research and surveys that were conducted, the “perfect penis” to a woman turn out to be eight inches in length and six inches in girth. To measure accurately to see how you compare, follow these easy steps: The length is measured by holding the erect penis parallel to the floor, placing a ruler at the base of the penis gently resting on the pubic bone and measure to the tip of the penis, making sure the penis is fully erect at its best potential in a warm room. Yes, it makes a difference. Also, while the penis is at an optimal erection, measure the girth of the penis. Take three separate measurements and take the average of the three to be the final result. Measure around the base of the penile shaft, just under the head of the penis and another in the mid section of the penis. Are you above the norm? Does it really matter to you or your partner?

Unfortunately many men have feelings of despair when they think about their lack in size and inability to give pleasure to their partner and think they can not do anything about it. But this is not true. If it is truly bothersome to a man, something can be done. ProSolution is a quality penis enlargement system that can add length and width to a man’s penis. It is a safe and proven program that is a easy way to regain your happiness revolving sexuality.


VigRX Plus report

vigrx-plus-reportBy the way guys, the views and results expressed in this web site are exclusively mine, your results or experiences may vary so keep that in mind!

The purpose of this report is to inform you, the man searching for an effective safe way to enlarge your penis. I researched many products including Extagen, Enzyte, Extenze, longitude, Magna RX, VigRX as well as many exercise only methods while compiling my penis enlargement information below.

It was not easy, many times when calling or emailing companies such as Longitude, it was almost impossible to get feedback to my questions from a company representative.

Anyway it was worth it, because I found a product that worked for me and it worked for my buds too, so I thought I would put this page out there for you to review and assist in making your own choice.

I will say this it is very cool having gone from a small or average sized penis to one I’m very proud of and not afraid to show a girl. What a boost to my fragile ego, it is incredible what taking a stupid pill can do.

The Size Max or sizemax pills are a new product on the market from a company called longitude. Now if you go to the old site you can see they were shut down because of their bad business practices. You can see on the Size Max site they say their stuff is brought to you from the makers of Longitude. The formula is exactly the same too and you can see by my other reports I never had success with that product and no luck getting my money back. I don’t think Sizemax will be any better, and they add you to their automatic billing for multiple bottles of Size max (SizeMax) even if you don’t want too. It was extremely difficult to cancel with Longitude I wonder how hard it will be with Size Max. I would definitely recommend not going the size max route and sticking with VigRX Plus, a product that has worked for me and a bunch of my friends.
I surely recommend VigRX Plus as my penis enlargement brand of choice, click hereto see why.
To start my adventure, I began researching the different choices available to me. Many factors were used in making my decisions. Here is how I based my choices:

  1. Company Claims:Success Rate, Growth Potential
    2. Cost:How much do I have to pay?
    3. Quantity: How many pills come in a bottle?
    4. Time: How long do I have to take them for?
    5. Reputation: Company Reputation, complaints, etc…
    6. Customer Service: Can I get in touch with the company?
    7. Guarantee: What kind of Guarantee do I get?

These are the leading male enhancement products I researched:


Based on this information I narrowed my selection to the 2 best choices: Enzyte & VigRX Plus

I took Enzyte from 04/2001 through 10/2001 = 6 months
Then I took a 2-month break to clean out my system
I took VigRX Plus — from 01/2002 – 04/2002 = 4 months

My Starting Size – 53/4” Length & 21/2” Thick.

After 6 months on the Enzyte program, I noticed a small amount of growth. Most of the difference was during months 2-3.

  • Size after Enzyte = 61/2” Length & 23/4” Thick
  • Enzyte Results = 3/4 inches growth in length & 1/2 inches growth in thickness.

After 4 months on the VigRX Plus I noticed an unbelievable amount of growth. I started to see results after 3 weeks and it continued from there.

  • Size After VigRX Plus = 8 inches Length & 41/2 inches Thick
  • VigRX Plus Results = 21/4 inches Growth in Length & 2 inches Growth in Thickness

I must admit, when first brought to my attention, the idea of growing your penis with a pill sounded completely crazy. After I looked into it a little more & asked around, I began to become intrigued. I decided what the hell, not only will I try them – but I will make a report to post on the web for other guys out there who aren’t so sure about these penis growth pills. I guess you could say, “I’ll take one for the team”.

After my research & time spent taking the pills, I will say this:

The VigRX Plus were hands down the biggest bang for my buck. I actually feel like I got a great deal in the end. I spent $210.80 on my 41/2 months supply and realized 21/2 inches in new growth. That’s $84.32 per inch!

Plus, my staying power increased tremendously and my erections are as hard as a rock now. I wish you could talk to some of the girls I’ve been with since starting the VigRX Plus. Better yet – I wish you could see their faces in the heat of the moment. I feel like a new man now. And let me tell you – work travels fast amongst the ladies about whose good in bed and who’s well hung.

One other thing this taught me is that women love sex too. Guys like any sex. Women like good sex. I had this weekend fling with a girl from work last month – Since then I’ve been with 3 of her friends. 2 of them at the same time! Now that I’m well hung and can last for a long time – opportunities just keep presenting themselves. It’s like a snowball effect.

I just realised that most people use cm. so here is a converter from inches to cm.


Penimaster Pro Review 2017

penimaster-pro-boxMost of the supplements we know are able to increase your sex drive and overall performance; however, none of them have an impact on the physical size of your penis. This leaves you with the option of having look for ways to increase your penis. In this article, I will write PeniMaster pro review, a German-made penis extender.

What is peniMaster pro?

This is a device that has been in the market for quite some time now and one of the best known to increase the length of the penis naturally. There are a lot of claims that its users have also experienced a greater increase in girth.

What is different about PeniMaster pro?

First, peniMaster pro is from Germany, which is superior in engineering. What is more, it is the only device that adheres to the penis. Unlike most devices which use a strap or noose fixation method which holds devices longer to the penis, this one uses a vacuum fixation which is much more comfortable for anyone. Currently, it is the only product using the fixation method.

How does the PeniMaster pro work?

This device uses a mechanism the same as all the extender devices. It provides a pulling tension to the penis which forces the penis with time to produce more cells to cover for the new size. For you to use the device, you squeeze the ball pump and attach it to the glans chamber. Air is sucked in this method to create a little vacuum. On the other hand, you can still use the hose by attaching it to the glans chamber. Air will be sucked also to create a vacuum and then the tip of the penis is placed into the glans chamber to fit.


Where to buy it

PeniMaster pro can be purchased online from the company’s website. It is also worth noting that the prices are given in Euros but there is a conversion chart to help you with this.


What makes the peniMaster pro a notable device is that it has a glans chamber which is much better than those in other devices. Here are some of the other advantages of it:

  • It’s more comfortable than the other extender devices.
  • Results to a permanent growth and girth size.
  • There are several kit options.
  • Proven technique.
  • It can be a remedy for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  • It is completely safe and natural.
  •  It is easy to use and clean.
  • Enhances your sexual experience.
  • It can be a remedy for sensitivity and virility.
  • It works on all penis sizes in just a matter of weeks.


  • It’s quite expensive.
  • The company’s website is a little tricky in terms of navigation.

Final Verdict

Overall, the PenisMaster pro is one of the best devices in terms of natural penis enlargement. What makes it different from the others and a favorite among many is the features and comfort that it offers. It comes with a remarkable glans chamber, unlike the other devices which still use the traditional noose which causes negative side effects. If you are looking for a reliable and safe device, you can invest in this safe and convenient device.

More reviews can be found online at

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How Can You Get Male Extra?

Many men want to get Male Extra for supporting their sexual life. There are a lot of benefits that you can get by consuming this product regularly. Some customers claim that they are able to get a better life after consuming this supplement. It is a safe supplement that is recommended for all men who want to improve their relationship with their lovely women. However, you have to be careful when purchasing this product. Not all health stores may sell this incredible product. You need to purchase this item from reputable stores, so you can avoid any problems that you may get in the future.

Male Extra consumer testimonials

maleextra review 2017
You should take a look at the reputation of some available stores. This reputation is an important thing that you should consider. There are some high quality stores that have good reputation among many customers. You can read some customer reviews when choosing a good store for purchasing this supplement. You can also search on the Internet to find some high quality online stores. There are some websites that may sell this supplement for all readers. Some websites may have customer representatives who are ready to answer your questions related with this supplement.

Those are several useful tips for you who want to buy this supplement. This product is recommended for all men because it is a safe product to be consumed. There is minimum side effect that can be caused by this supplement. You can visit some online marketplace sites for getting this product easily. Some stores may deliver this item to your house without any additional shipping costs. There are many people who want to consume this supplement because of its effectiveness. You don’t have to worry about any negative side effects from this product. This supplement is safe for most men from around the world.

How I got to using Phallosan

phallosan-forteEvery man who has had the same problem will be able to tell you, growing up with a small penis is not a walk in the park. I know this from personal experience as I have my whole life been the one in the room/shower/changing room with the smallest penis. I still vividly remember the first time we undressed in the locker when we were kids. It was the first time that I was faced with this knowledge – my penis is smaller than the penises of other boys. And it remained this way all through high school and college. But I never let that bring me down. Okay, so what. At least I was not an idiot who doesn’t know how to spell and who will never get a decent education, let alone a job.

When it first startet

However, as I started dating, it started to bother me again. You do not know how much this can bother you until you start having sex with women. It is only when you see that look of slight disappointment in their eyes that you realize this is something that will never go away. They know a below-average penis when they see one and there is nothing you can do about it. Or at least that is what I thought.

phallosan-forte-reviewWhen I was in college, one of my best friends, over a very nice bottle of bourbon, told me that he has been using this device that makes his penis bigger. I will not share the name of this device with you, as I have not been entirely satisfied with it and I wouldn’t want people to think I am trashing someone’s product. If I had managed to wear it for as long as they recommend and hadn’t gotten the results, I would have complained and included the name of the device. However, I simply found it too uncomfortable when I started using it myself and I couldn’t make it past a month, let alone half a year. That guy who recommended it to me, he loved it. It really helped him.

I, on the other hand, was devastated. There was this device that could make my penis bigger and I couldn’t use it. It was really uncomfortable and everyone could see I was wearing something underneath. I was even thinking about penile surgery, but luckily I was not that dumb to actually go with it and get my penis sliced and diced in order to get half an inch. Instead of that, I went online and told myself I wouldn’t stop till I find something more suitable for me. I visited innumerable forums, scoured tons of websites and then I found Phallosan.

It appealed to me at once as it didn’t use those rings and rods that stretch your penis. Instead, it used something like a condom that you putt over your penis, make a vacuum and then your penis gets stretched in its little sleeve that is attached to your hip. This meant that it will not be bulging and that no one will notice it. I ordered Phallosan straight away and I couldn’t wait to start using it.

But how comfortable is Phallosan Forte?

It was just as comfortable as they said it would be and it was absolutely inconspicuous. The results were also there, amazing results. I gained more than two inches in the first year and a half. I was really religious about my Phallosan and I wore it all the time. I even got an increase in the thickness of my penis which was just an added bonus. To this day, I have been telling people my story (those people who wish to hear it) and I can truly and wholeheartedly recommend Phallosan.

Facts about Virility Ex pill

Since the pills are made out of natural ingredients there are no side effects or any other long terms effects that would harm the body. The pills work in a natural way by boosting your metabolism and driving more blood to the penis to achieve a stronger and a longer erection time. Virility Ex male enhancement pills use various FDA approved and recommended herbs that are natural and safe. A special supplement of Virility Ex is formulated through the mixture of various herbs like oat straw and tribulus terrestis that are very essential ingredients in order to gain a lot of momentum and sexual urge.

What does VirilityEX do?

Virility Ex does not only help in increasing your sexual urge, sperm count and erection period, but also helps you gain more stamina by increasing your body metabolism naturally which means that you will not feel tired and drained out even after having a long sex session with your partner. The natural composition of Virility Ex helps in shedding excessive fats inside your body and helps to promote more muscles and body tissues in a natural way.

Many men are in that place in their lives in which they wish that their penis was bigger. Many times a small penis can lead many men to feel less confident and have social problems that are a result of feeling inferior to other men that they are surrounded by. It is this that leads many men to find out just what they can do in order to make their penis bigger. However, they are going to find that there are so many pills and methods that they can use that it is hard to do anything that they feel is going to work for them.

With that being said, most men are eager to have pills that they can take in order to make sure that they are growing their penis to the size that they want. One of the pills on the market that several men are eager to try out is Virility Ex. This is something that has been selling on the market and selling very well for men that have been using this. Is this something that men should try? Most definitely since they are going to find that there are several benefits to using this.

There are many benefits to using Virility Ex when compared to other penis pills that are on the market. These benefits include:

  • 100% Natural
  • Increases Penis Size
  • Increases Sexual Urge
  • Long Lasting Erection
  • Increases Stamina
  • Sheds Excess Fat
  • Promotes Muscles
  • Medically Approved
  • Better Sex Drive

There is also the added benefit that the company is so set that this is going to be a penis pill that will work that they include a 60 day money back guarantee for men that are using this product. In most cases, men saw improvements in the first month of using this. The main thing that most men are worried about is that they are going to experience side effects. However, the good news is that the majority of men that were studied, no side effects were reported. This is something that should make most men feel as though they are getting a great deal.

Overall, the Virility Ex is something that can make men see great results in the length and width of their penis. They are going to find that this improvement in size is something that is going to give men more confidence in their lives and lead to overall a better life. In the end it is something that the man will want to give a try if he is serious about increasing the size of his penis.