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Then your loan officer tells you to write a letter of explanation about a few missed credit card payments from several years ago and your brief.

A Letter of Explanation is a simple few lines giving an underwriter insight into something flagged in the file such as odd deposits or credit issues.

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Quick Answer. In the world of finance and economics, a letter of explanation is a formal letter to a financial institution that gives specific details regarding an incident or circumstance that is outside the normally accepted scope of business. In some circumstances, the letter of explanation is given directly to the major credit reporting bureaus.

In a letter of explanation for your mortgage application, you may need to account for any late payments, collection accounts, judgments or.

Writing a letter of explanation to the IRS after receiving a notice can be a daunting task whether it’s for penalty waivers, adjusted refunds, or for cp 2000. Read these steps to ensure you are completing the necessary steps and including the right information.

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Essentially letter of explanation refers to interviews but also used in another context like criminal procedures. When it comes in interviews, the preparation becomes easy and you feel comfortable. Using a letter of explanation helps you prepare for the interview, feel more comfortable and the presentation will be coherent and sensible.

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 · How to Write a Letter to the IRS. The IRS is one of the most feared government agencies. However, you have nothing to fear when you need to write them a letter. Format a business letter and remember to get to the point. People usually.

Please accept the following explanation regarding the lack of information on the employment application about my felony conviction(s) of ______ that occurred.

If you have been convicted, or even charged with a misdemeanor, you may be requested to write a letter explaining it if you apply to service professions. A letter of explanation for a misdemeanor charge should be concise, honest, remorseful and upbeat. Here’s how to explain your previous mistakes.